The Phoenix Pet and Wildlife Sanctuary (formerly PAWS) is staffed by two dedicated people with over sixty combined years experience in animal care covering most species.  The Sanctuary grew out of our concern over the rising tide of cruelty, and the vanishing hedgerows and countryside that is destroying the native habitats of our wildlife.


Something a bit different to start, a book review:  This book, (see pic to the right) has been written by our very good friend who is helping us with our situation.  I can thoroughly recommend 'Robert the Allotment Cat and Friends' by Nicholas May to all who love cats, nature and adventure.  It is a wonderful read and a real page-turner, you just have to know what happens next and if the allotment holders will succeed and get justice.  The descriptions are superb and give a feel-good factor of how life should be.  In addition, Nicholas May combines current issues like the badger cull and plastic pollution with an amazing spiritual and magical element.  This is for all ages, nine to ninety, to enjoy.
What makes it so special, it is based on a true event.  Also, it mirrors our own situation here.  I can identify with it all, and our lovely fox, Ruby, has a small role in it too. That oasis of calm in an urban world, we all need that, and it is a world we try hard to create here and in our paddock, a world we choose to live in, close to nature in all her wonderful forms, in harmony with us, and our residents, without the machinations of those humans who seek to control everything and in so doing, ruin and destroy everything.  
What can I say about Robert, whose real-life photo appears on the back cover? He is such a handsome chap, and, like all cats, has that touch of magic.  Like all creatures and companion animals/birds, cats are so important to the humans who wish to share their lives with them. We must ensure those who want their lives to include companion animals, can continue to do so. Why should unscrupulous landlords of all descriptions deny tenants that right, that joy? Many are forced to live in rentals these days, they must be allowed their animal companions who are family too.   As we have said many times here, it is cruel and heartless to deny that to folks.  Lives and nature are always more important than bricks and mortar, ask the poor folk, and the animals, in Australia!
Back to this book, please do buy it and read it.  You will not be disappointed, relax and enjoy a special moment of escape from this increasingly difficult world.  I can honestly say I have not enjoyed a book so much since reading the first Harry Potter!   And I would love to see this book made into a film too.  It would be inspiring.  I can only conclude by saying power to the people!  And most definitely, power to the cats!
'Robert the Allotment Cat and Friends' is available from Amazon at £5.99 for the paperback version, or £2.99 for the Kindle download version.  Well worth it; the mark of a really good book is when you get to the end and wish it hadn't ended.  There will be a sequel to enjoy more of some amazing characters, and Robert has his own social media which is very popular.  Google 'Robert the allotment cat' and meet some of the wonderful characters in the book.  Robert is a star.
As for our own situation, it continues with uncertainty unfortunately but hopefully, we will get a positive end to it all soon.  We have a new court date, March 20th.  A survey of the cottage has now been done with interesting results.  I can't say much more at this stage but it will be a travesty if we, and our animals/birds, do not achieve justice in all this.  When we can reveal the whole story, you will see why.
Meanwhile, we must continue fund-raising as this is so vital now if we, and our sanctuary, are to survive.  So to repeat the details:  Click on our go fund me page below, thanks.
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