The Phoenix Pet and Wildlife Sanctuary (formerly PAWS) is staffed by two dedicated people with over sixty combined years of experience in animal care covering most species.  The Sanctuary grew out of our concern over the rising tide of cruelty, and the vanishing hedgerows and countryside that is destroying the native habitats of our wildlife.
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***Thank You For Your Support Over These Trying Times***
                                                          SANCTUARY NEWS – OCTOBER 2021


After over two years of hell and this very stressful year, I can finally give some good news! Since the court hearing in May, which our solicitor said was unfair, and although we won 50% of the case, the landlord succeeded in gaining a possession order leaving us with the threat of bailiffs hanging over us; I was rushed to hospital as an emergency in June prior to elective surgery, resulting in massive surgery requiring the removal of much more than had been planned because the cancer had spread!  I spent five days on ICU but was able to leave hospital after just 9 days to recover at home (if you could call it that as it is now condemned as being uninhabitable!) Recovery will be long although I am doing well now, however, an appointment with oncology was daunting to discover the cancer had infiltrated my veins so is in my blood and may emerge anywhere!  Because of the situation here, I had to refuse chemo, the side effects being so horrendous, no way could I cope with those and moving house!
We looked at a couple of second-hand caravans for the paddock but these were not at all viable, however, we now have somewhere to move to and only down the road to our paddock, so thankfully the sanctuary can and will continue!  At the moment we are taking a back seat while the move takes place but we hope to be fully operational again by early Spring.  Meanwhile we are packing and preparing to move at the end of this month. (Details of our new address further on)       
We had an awful job obtaining sheds due to shortages caused by the pandemic, some quoted 10 weeks delay!  However we finally found two and I cannot praise enough the suppliers of the larger, Forester in Taunton.  Once they knew of our problems they managed to deliver to us in just three weeks and I cannot thank them enough, the shed is great quality and will provide me with somewhere to rest while in the paddock, recovering and enjoying being with the animals and the peace of nature there.  I can highly recommend this company to anyone, and most certainly will go to them again if we need another shed.  Most grateful thanks too go to Clive and his friend, Calum, who, in just four hours one Sunday helped Paul put up both sheds and refused any payment!  It is those in this village, including those offering us practical help with water and storage, plus those who have supported us throughout all this, that are the people who make this world as it should be.  I thank them all gratefully.
Paul worked immensely hard to get the new animal room next to our stable just right.  He dealt with leaks and other problems admirably to provide a home from home environment.  All the residents from indoors, the very elderly and needy, made the subsequent transfer without any casualties, much to our relief.  It was a huge worry for those like our tawny, Wol at 27, and Holly, our cockatiel at 23 etc that we were most concerned about (Wol is close to being the oldest tawny owl in captivity!)  They have all settled in so well and are doing great.  We were fortunate to get the necessary electricity put in prior to moving them so they have light, a fan when it is hot, heater for the cold, and we have our small freezer for storing owl food etc. All the birds are happily chatting to each other as we made sure they are near to and can see their friends.   
After a lot of stops and starts caused by various problems, not least the pandemic, we will now be moving to our new property on October 27th.  Our new address from then will be:  

74 Steppes Meadow, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6EN.   

Our telephone number should stay the same and of course so will our online details.  
We do apologise for being out of circulation recently but are sure it is understandable as this has been an extremely difficult time all round, and our thanks go to Nick for being there during that time.  Although we are unable to take anything in just at the moment, we can still help folk out with advice by phone etc, and can suggest other places temporarily to help, and that will continue while we make the move and settle in.   Needless to say we are looking forward to finally be free of stress and to say it is 'business as usual' again.  We thank everyone for their understanding.

Two difficult years has affected our vital regular income of course, we are so grateful to those who have sent donations and those responding to our vital fund raising campaign, success with that is essential for our survival and this need continues.  So again to repeat the details:  
While there is a need we will certainly continue to do what we can for all animals, birds and creatures, but without any government help we have to rely on donations and our shops support, but they have been hit hard over two years too.  So please go onto this site above to make donations that will ensure the future of our work and our residents.  Alternatively, if you prefer to donate directly to the sanctuary please do so from October 27th at:  
Phoenix Pet & Wildlife Sanctuary, 
74 Steppes Meadow, 
Coat, Martock, 
TA12 6EN.  
Cheques as before, to 'Friends of PAWS'  Thank you.
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Registered Non-Profit making Organisation, No. 4914413 (Est. 29.09.03)
From the 27th Oct  2021 New Address is :
Phoenix Pet & Wildlife Sanctuary,
74 Steppes Meadow,
Coat, Martock,
TA12 6EN.
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